EM Guidance Documents & Tools

The Section "EM Guidance Documents & Tools" provides industry with the relevant guidance documents and information for fulfilling REACH obligations. Currently available tools and documents are :


-           Training ECHA evaluators on metal specific aspects – 2011 (Members’ webpage only)

-           Metals multi metallic questionnaire - 2009

-           Metals Appendix to ECHA guidance on CSA

-           DU scaling tool

-           MEASE

-           SPERCs for Metal

-           Exposure Scenario Guidance for DU-mmies

-           2010 Reach registration factsheets

-           OEL database-metals to be used for e.g. SDS compilation etc (Members’ webpage only)

-           Multi-Metallic Database (MMD) (Members’ webpage only)

-           SCC guidance (Members’ webpage only)

-           Consortia (Members’ webpage only)

-           SEA guidance (Members’ webpage only)

-           Industry REACH Authorisation Guidance for Downstream Users

-           Read Across Wsp Report 01/10/2012

-           RMOa Guidance (Members’ webpage only)

-           Guidance on occupational exposure assessment (Members’ webpage only)


More guidance and tools can be found on the Members’ webpages.



NEW!! Eurometaux has developed RMOa guidance and template helping  to

a) anticipate RMOa assessments for substances that meet the criteria of the SVHC Roadmap,

b) develop a broad and open view on RMOa selection based on potential efficiency and efficacy of the RMM

c) anticipate additional data needs beyond information in the registration dossier that could help define the best RMOa option  and

d) help align manufacturers and their supply chains on relevant RMOa needs, information required and implementation.

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New !!! Guidance on the Assessment of occupational exposure using monitoring data ! This guidance aims at providing information to facilitate harmonized generation and analysis of exposure data in the metal's industry 





Latest update : 28 December 2017