ECHA has issued a number of guidance documents since 2008, aimed at facilitating the implementation of REACH, CLP and the biocides legislation by describing good practice on how to fulfil the obligations. They are developed with the participation of many stakeholders: industry, Member States and NGOs. All guidance documents can be found on



With regard to registration, the following documents are more specifically recommended:



A Navigator that helps to identify your obligations:



Guidance on Registration: This document describes when and how to register a substance under REACH. It consists of two parts: one on Registration tasks and obligations, and the other on the preparation of the Registration Dossier:



Guidance on information requirements: This guidance describes the information requirements under REACH with regard to substance properties, exposure, use and risk management measures, in the context of the chemical safety assessment. It is part of a series of guidance documents that aim to help all stakeholders with their preparations for fulfilling their obligations under the REACH Regulation: see pathfinder on



Guidance in a nutshell, which are shortened versions of the ECHA Guidance Documents:




Latest update: 27 December 2017