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Manganese [Mn]

The Manganese REACH Administration (MARA)  is a non-profit making industry association  formed in 2008 with a common interest in fulfilling the requirements laid down by the EU REACH regulation. It's members, 43 at birth but only 34 ten years on, represent alloy producers (special preparations) and manufacturers and importers of inorganic manganese-based substances.

The Mn consortium is responsible for registering 12 Mn-based substances, including Mono-constituents, special preparations and UVCB's at the greater than 1000tpa tonnage band.  All the lead registrants dossiers from the Mn Consortium substances have been submitted to ECHA. 

Further information on the Mn Consortium is available from the Secretariat (Dr Doreen McGough) and on the Mn consortium web page -


Mn-consortium information sheet

Name Formula EINECS CAS Contact Point
Manganese Mn 231-105-1 7439-96-5 
Manganous Oxide MnO 215-695-8 1344-43-0  
Manganese Dioxide MnO2 215-202-6 1313-13-9  
Tri-manganese Tetroxide Mn3O4 215-266-5 1317-35-7  
Dimanganese Trioxide Mn2O3 215-264-4 1317-34-6  
Manganese Carbonate MnCO3 209-942-9 598-62-9  
Manganese Sulphate MnSO4 232-089-9 7785-87-7  
Manganese Dinitrate Mn(NO3)2 233-828-8 10377-66-9  
Manganese Chloride MnCl2 231-869-6 7773-01-5  
Manganese Sulphide MnS 242-599-3 18820-29-6  
Slags, ferromanganese-manufg. UVCB 273-728-1 69012-28-8  
Slags, ferromanganese-manufg. UVCB 273-733-9 69012-33-5  
Sinter ore (Mn ores, reduced) UVCB 273-748-0 69012-49-3  

Last page update: 1 October 2018