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Rhenium [Re]

The European Precious Metals Federation (EPMF) started its activities by organizing a Precious Metals and Rhenium Consortium (PMC) back in 2006. Several work groups have been set up in order to draft the Consortium Agreement, build a scope and invite potential candidates. An independent Secretariat was also appointed as Trustee to safeguard the confidential and/or proprietary information and remind the participants to abide by the Competition Law guidelines.

The Consortium Agreement was officially accepted and circulated for signature in July 2007. This Agreement will be terminated on 31st December 2018. The related activities will be integrated into EPMF activities.

The scope of activity of the Precious Metals and RheniumConsortium is not limited to an exclusive list of precious metals, rhenium and their compounds, but is built on a broader and more inclusive basis in order to cover substances and intermediates, and also, in some cases, precious metals-bearing non-waste refinable materials, thereby maximizing the read-across potential and consistency when preparing the Registration dossiers.

Further information is available on the EPMF website. The relevant contact point within the Consortium is Audrey Rondepierre (

Rhenium inventory  

PM-Re consortium information sheet

Name Formula EINECS CAS Contact Point
Rhenium Re 231-124-5 7440-15-5

Perrhenic acid H.O4Re 237-380-4 13768-11-1
Ammonium perrhenate H4N.O4Re 237-075-6 13598-65-7
Sodium rhenate Na.O4Re 236-742-9 13472-33-8
Potassium perrhenate K.O4Re 233-953-8 10466-65-6

Last page update: 1 October 2018