REACH Metals Gateway

Who does what?

Complying with the requirements under the new REACH regulation requires joint, efficient and timely preparation of the registration dossiers. This site aims to provide guidance to the relevant organization / contact point within the metals industry or other industries seeing to the registration of a specific substance.

The Substance Lists contain the metals currently covered by planned or already existing Consortia. It is mainly the EU and international metal commodity groups that are taking the lead on the preparation of the various registration dossiers. For some generic substances, we have also included links to other industry sector associations / organizations in charge of registration.

The Eurometaux secretariat would appreciate updates on changes, additions or modifications to the substance lists, to ensure that we only display up-to-date and correct information.

Other Consortia are welcome to provide us with information about their activities. Its relevance will be checked, and (if relevant for the metals and minerals industry) the information will be placed on the website.

Last page update: 22 June 2018