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The use of nanomaterials in different products has grown very rapidly in the last years. In order to answer the customers’ questions, but also to address the unique chemical and physical properties of Nanos, the authorities started focusing legally on the nanomaterials as such apart from other chemicals. Legal requirements for production and use of nanomaterials are undergoing development and are hampered by the lack of clear/agreed scientific knowledge about the unique behaviour of nano-sized materials.

Different nanomaterials based on non-ferrous metals are used in end-products which concern a non-negligible part of society/industry. Currently the communication between decision makers, industry and science is inconsistent, which could cause harmful assumptions vis-à-vis the legal context.

Due to the fact that the REACH regulation is changing, that new guidelines are being developed as part of the OECD processes and a review of the definition recommendation is on the agenda, it is important to participate in the discussions as a stakeholder.

Eurometaux’s Nanos Taskforce is mandated to follow different aspects of the nanomaterials’ regulatory and scientific developments. In practice, we participate in ECHA’s and the OECD’s Expert meetings and exchange closely with other relevant industry stakeholders.  We also follow nano-related scientific research projects that can contribute to a good development of the legal framework. The taskforce is also a platform for the members to exchange their experiences relating to regulations on nanomaterials.

The Nanos Taskforce meets twice a year and meetings are organised back-to-back with the Evaluation Platform meetings.

For more info you can contact Nathalie Kinga Kowalski 

Last page update: 1 October 2018