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Cadmium [Cd]

The registration of Cd and Cd compounds is lead by IZA-Europe, taking care of the organization and Secretariat function of both the Zn and the Cd Consortia. The Cd Consortium was launched on 1 July 2007. The first General Assembly of the Cd Consortium is scheduled back to back with the Zn Consortium General Assembly for 4 September 2007.

The relevant contact point on Cd related issues is Annette Mutombo ( ).

Cadmium consortium fact sheet

Name Formula EINECS CAS Contact Point
Cadmium Cd 231-152-8 7440-43-9
Cadmium Oxide CdO 215-146-2 1306-19-0
Cadmium Hydroxide Cd(OH)2 244-168-5 21041-95-2
Cadmium Nitrate Cd(NO3)2 233-710-6 10325-94-7
Cadmium Carbonate CdCO3 298-586-8 93820-02-1
Cadmium Sulphide CdS 215-147-8 1306-23-6
Cadmium Sulfo Selenide (red) CdSSe 261-218-1 58339-34-7
Cadmium Zinc Sulphide (yellow) CdZnS 232-466-8 2245699
Cadmium Telluride CdTe 215-149-9 1306-25-8

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