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Vanadium [V]

The registration of Vanadium and its compounds is being organized by the Vanadium Consortium (please see below the current substance list, extendable upon request). The Vanadium Consortium Agreement is already finalised and available for all interested parties under


Additional information can be obtain via:


Vanadium Consortium Fact sheet

Name Formula EINECS CAS Contact Point
Vanadium V 231-171-1 7440-62-2
Divanadium Pentaoxide V2O5 215-239-8 1314-62-1
Divanadium Trioxide V2O3 215-230-9 1314-34-7
Vandium dioxide (Divanadium Tetraoxide) V2O4 232-261-3 7803-55-6
Vanadium oxide sulphate (Vanadyl sulphate) VO(SO4) 248-652-7 27774-13-6
Ammonium trioxovanadate (Ammonium metavanadate) NH4VO3 232-261-3 7803-55-6
Ammonium trivanandium octaoxide (Ammonium Polyvanadate) NH4V3O8 235-384-0 12207-63-5
Vanadium Trichloride Oxide (Vanadium oxytrichloride) VOCL3 231-780-2 7727-18-6
Vandiumtetrachloride VCl4 231-561-1 7632-51-1
Steel plant slag   273-734-4 69012-34-6

Last page update: 12 August 2020