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Antimony [Sb]

The mission of the International Antimony Association (i2a) is to conduct studies and to disseminate information concerning the safety and benefits of antimony and antimony compounds, by way of giving access to data, sharing and providing information on the content of data, for the benefit of producers and importers of antimony and antimony compounds world-wide regarding environmental, health and safety regulations of these antimony compounds.

i2a also provides pertinent scientific information to government agencies worldwide.

All i2a members ensure that Antimony compounds are safely produced and applied.


Antimony consortium factsheet

Name Formula EINECS CAS Contact Point
Antimony Trioxide Sb2O3 215-175-0 1309-64-4
Sodium hexahydroxoantimonate H6O6Sb.Na 251-735-0 33908-66-6
Antimony tris-(ethylene glycolate) C6H12O6Sb2 249-820-2 29736-75-2
Potassium hexahydroxoantimonate KSb(OH)6 235-387-7 12208-13-8
Antimony trisulfide   215-713-4 1345-04-6
Antimony trichloride SbCl3 233-047-2 10025-91-10
Antimony pentoxide Sb2O5 215-237-7 1314-60-9
Sodium Antimonate (A) Na.SbO3 239-444-7 15432-85-6
Antimony pentachloride SbCl5 231-601-8 7647-18-9
Antimony metal   231-146-5 7440-36-0

Last page update: 18 August 2020