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Tungsten [W]

During the first half of 2007, a small group of ITIA members established a Consortium to assist companies in jointly preparing for the Registration of Tungsten and Tungsten compounds under the auspices of the International Tungsten Industry Association (ITIA). 


Further information on joining the Tungsten Consortium can be found at the Consortium website:


Companies interested in the Tungsten Consortium should contact the ITIA Secretariat at


Tungsten Consortium Information Sheet

Name Formula EINECS CAS Contact Point
Tungsten Metal W 231-143-9 7440-33-7
Tungstic Acid H1/2WO4 231-975-2 7783-03-1
Tungsten Carbide WC 235-123-0 12070-12-1
Fused Tungsten Carbide WC2 235-124-6 12070-13-2
Tungsten(VI) Oxide ( Blue oxide)   254-413-8 39318-18-8
Tungsten Trioxide (Yellow oxide) WO3 215-231-4 1314-35-8
Ammonium meta-Tungstate H4N1/6H2040W12 234-733-4 12028-48-7
Ammmonium para-Tungstate (APT) H4N1/10H2O42W12 234-364-9 11120-25-5
Ferro Tungsten Fe 231-96-4 7439-89-6

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