REACH Metals Gateway

Orphan metals in which an interest has been indicated

Orphan Metals are metals that are not covered by a consortium, i.e those not currently included in the Substance list. Eurometaux wishes to facilitate and assist in organising a “first” exchange meeting when multiple members indicate an interest in a particular Non-Ferrous Metal, via: 

  • making their facilities available to host the meeting;
  • raise the awareness for the meeting via the EM network and the REACH metals gateway;
  • provide secretarial support for the meeting;

On the condition that one of the interested companies is willing to to chair and finance this “first” exchange meeting. It should be clear that Eurometaux will not be involved in any further activities that may result from this first meeting, apart from making available the meeting rooms in the metals conference centre against interesting conditions.  

If you have an interest in an NFM currently not being covered by a consortium or if you are interested to obtain further information on setting up a meeting, you are invited to indicate your interest to the Eurometaux secretariat. The metals for which an interest has already been indicated can be found in the dedicated Orphan metals section in the substance list. 

Last page update: 1 October 2018