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Lead [Pb]

The International Lead Association (ILA) is the leading organization coordinating the lead industry's response to legislation, including the REACH Regulation.

As secretariat of the Lead REACH Consortium, ILA superintended the successful REACH Registration of lead metal and 25 lead compounds under its remit. Lead Registrant dossiers were successfully submitted by the 30 November 2010 deadline and, in total, around 450 registrations were made for the Lead REACH Consortium substances.

In addition to facilitating Registration, the Consortium is actively coordinating the lead industry’s response to the challenges posed by the REACH Authorisation and Restriction processes.


Further information can be found on the Lead REACH Consortium’s website at  The relevant contact point within the lead industry is Lisa ALLEN (


Lead consortium information sheet

Name Formula EINECS CAS Contact Point
Lead Pb 231-100-4 7439-92-1
Dioxobis(stearato)trilead 2PbO. Pb(OOC.C17H35)2 235-702-8 12578-12-0
Fatty acids, C16-C18, lead salts (UVCB) 292-966-7 91031-62-8
Lead dichloride PbCl2 231-845-5 7758-95-4
Lead monoxide PbO 215-267-0 1317-36-8
Lead oxide sulphate Pb2O(SO4) 234-853-7 12036-76-9
Orange lead (lead tetroxide) Pb3O4 215-235-6 1314-41-6
Pentalead tetraoxide sulphate     4PbO.PbSO4 235-067-7 12065-90-6
[Phthalato(2-)]dioxotrilead   2PbO.PbC6H4(COO)2 273-688-5 69011-06-9
Sulfurous acid, lead salt, dibasic       PbSO3 263-467-1 62229-08-7
Tetralead trioxide sulphate  3PbO.(PbSO4) 235-380-9 12202-17-4
Flue dust, lead refining (UVCB) 273-809-1 69029-67-0
Lead alloy, base, Pb, Sn, dross (UVCB) 273-701-4 69011-60-5
Lead antimonial, dross (UVCB) 273-795-7 69029-51-2 
Lead dross (UVCB)  273-796-2 69029-52-3 
Lead dross antimony rich (UVCB)  273-791-5 69029-45-4 
Lead dross, bismuth rich (UVCB)  273-792-0 69029-46-5 
Lead, Bullion (UVCB)  308-011-5 97808-88-3 
Lead, dross, copper rich (UVCB)  273-925-2 69227-11-8 
Matte, lead (UVCB)  282-356-9 84195-51-7 
Slags, lead reverbatory smelting (UVCB)  273-800-2 69029-58-9 
Slags, Lead smelting (UVCB)  273-825-9 69029-84-1 
Slimes + sludges, battery scrap antimony- and lead-rich (UVCB)  310-061-8 102110-60-1 
Speiss, Lead (UVCB)  282-366-3 84195-61-9 
Wastes, lead battery reprocessing (UVCB)  305-445-7 94551-99-2 
Zinc, desilverising skims (UVCB)  273-802-3 69029-60-3 

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