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Bismuth [Bi]

The relevant contact point for SIEF communication including Letters of Access is

5N Plus as a major producer of bismuth metal and bismuth compounds has been appointed as the lead registrant for the following bismuth compounds. A letter of access will be provided on request.


Name Formula EINECS CAS Contact Point
Bismuth subsalicylate C7H5BiO4 238-953-1 14882-18-9
Bismuth trinitrate Bi(NO3)3 233-791-8 10361-44-1
Bismuth subcarbonate CBi2O5 227-567-9 5892-10-4
Bismuth oxide Bi2O3 215-134-7 1304-76-3
Bismuth citrate C6H5BiO7 212-390-1 813-93-4
Bismuth hydroxide UVCB 233-790-2 10361-43-0
Bismuth subnitrate Bi5H9N4O22 215-136-8 1304-85-4
Bismuth metal Bi 231-177-4 7440-69-9

Last page update: 11 August 2020