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Silicon [Si]

The registration of Silicon (Si) and FeSi alloys is lead by EuroAlliages, the Association of EU ferro-alloy producers. On the basis of a service agreement with the international CaSi Institute in formation, ferrosilicocalcium alloys (CaSi) will also be covered.. A first indicative list with substances that shall be registered is displayed below.


For any further information you may want to contact Nadia Vinck ( at the EuroAlliages Secretariat.


Fe-Alloys Consortium information sheet

Name Formula EINECS CAS Contact Point
Ferrosilicocalcium Alloy CaSi 915-037-6 7440-21-3
Si/FeSi silicate (slags, elec. furnace smelting, iron silicate)   310-060-2 102110-59-8
Ferrosilicocalcium Alloy CaSi 234-587-1 12013-55-7
Silicon Si 231-130-8 7440-21-3
Silica Fumes/Silica SiO2 273-761-1 69012-64-2
Ferrosilicon alloy FeSi 912-631-7 12022-95-6
Ferrosilicon alloy FeSi2 234-671-8 12022-99-0

Last page update: 18 August 2020