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Copper [Cu]

The REACH Copper Consortium is a voluntary initiative managed by the European Copper Institute. The Consortium represents member companies involved in the mining, smelting, refining and recycling of copper. As Secretariat to the REACH Copper Consortium, ECI is acting on behalf of the Lead Registrants for copper and several copper substances for the purposes of REACH. The substances covered by the Consortium are primary and secondary copper metal; slags from copper production, sold as a final product; plus a well-defined series of by-products (intermediates) coming out of the smelting/refining and semi-fabrication processes (See below list and for more information including Letters of Access and classifications, see here).

The REACH Copper Consortium can be contacted at

A separate entity has been leading a consortium for Copper Compounds, that be contacted via their website here.


Copper consortium Factsheet


Copper 7440-50-8 231-159-6
Flue dust, copper refining 67711-90-4 266-966-2
Matte, copper 67711-91-5 266-967-8
Slags, copper smelting 67711-92-6 266-968-3
Slags, copper refining 67711-97-8 266-970-4
Slimes and sludges, copper electrolytic 67711-95-9 266-972-5
Scales, Copper 69012-45-9 273-744-9
Electrolyte, copper manufacturing, spent 69012-54-0 273-752-2
Speiss, copper 690029-97-6 273836-9
Anode, copper   918-168-7
Black copper, copper smelting   918-452-0
Cupro, copper processing   919-583-6
Sulfuric acid, waste gas washing, copper smelting   922-670-1
Residue, nickel matte leaching   927-629-1

Last page update: 27 August 2020