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EM Guidance Documents & Tools

The Section "EM Guidance Documents & Tools" provides industry with the relevant guidance documents and information for fulfilling REACH obligations.

Currently available tools and documents are:


  • Metals Appendix to ECHA guidance on CSA can be found here

In support of Registration:

In support of Risk management with emphasis on Authorisation:

  • Industry REACH Authorisation Guidance for Downstream Users
  • Eurometaux has developed a RMO guidance and template helping to:
    ·      anticipate RMOa assessments for substances that meet the SVHC Roadmap’s criteria ·     

     ·      develop a broad and open view on RMOa selection based on potential efficiency and efficacy of the Risk Management Measure

     ·      anticipate additional data needs beyond information in the registration dossier that could help define the best RMOa option and

     ·      help align manufacturers and their supply chains on relevant RMOa needs, information required and implementation.

     ·      Under preparation: how to consider the balance with other EU environmental policies (e.g. circular economy, climate,…) in defining the best Risk Management Option

This extensive and quite unique guidance is free to use under the condition that the user provides a short summary of his experience on using this interactive guidance


Last page update: 1 October 2018