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"Evaluation" represents an essential part of the REACH authorities’ activities. ECHA and the Member States evaluate the information submitted by registrants to examine the quality of the registration dossiers (Dossier Evaluation/Compliance Checks) and the testing proposals they submit (Testing Proposals Evaluation) and clarify if a given substance constitutes a risk to human health or the environment (Substance Evaluation).
In the context of evaluation, registrants may be required to submit further information on the substance.

Clear procedures outline timing and communication modalities (see Dossier Evaluation, Substance Evaluation here below).
Further information can be found on ECHA’s website:

Every year ECHA publishes a report on the progress it has made over the previous year on its obligations in relation to evaluation. These reports also include a number of recommendations addressed to potential registrants to foster improvement in the quality of future registrations. The latest report can be found here: 

ECHA’s website provides an overview of the evaluation process:

Evaluation : Overview available here .

Last page update: 23 April 2020