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Registration Maintenance

ECHA has issued a number of guidance documents since 2008, aimed at facilitating the implementation of REACH, CLP and the biocides legislation by describing good practices on how to fulfil the obligations. They are developed with the participation of many stakeholders: industry, Member States and NGOs. All guidance documents can be found on

With regard to registration, the following documents were more specifically recommended:

Relevant guidance from a generic list of obligations under REACH and CLP, it contains all potential obligations (e.g. with a link to guidance on how to fulfil these obligations:

All support information from ECHA (Q2-2017, tools, practical guidance) on registration can be found here: 

The last registration deadline was in June 2018.

The registration activities therefore became "registration maintenance", i.e. ensure that the submitted dossier remains up to date and state of the art.

To clarify the duties placed on registrants to update their registrations, the Commission is preparing an Implementing Regulation that should enter into force the first half of 2020. 

Last page update: 23 April 2020