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Exposure Scenario Guidance for DU-mmies

The aim of the ES for DU-mmies guidance is to help the Downstream User (DU) to check whether he is covered by the ES received from the Registrant from his substance.  

The guidance will take the reader through an exposure scenario step by step, section by section, explaining  the reasoning, where the information comes from, giving him 'tips' and asking him questions at the end of most of the sections, allowing him to check his compliance with what has been laid down by the Registrant.

The guidance includes links to the tools developed by the metals sector, such as the MEASE and DU Scaling tools as well as 'scaling tips', aimed at highlighting consequences, requirements and limitations for scaling.

The draft also includes a glossary of terms and a blank template, which may be used to contact the registrant.  

Please do not hesitate to use it in your communication with your Downstream Users on SDS and ES. 

Feedback and comments are utmost welcome!

Last page update: 7 January 2020