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Copper [Cu]

In May 2005, the copper industry, under the leadership of the European Copper Institute (ECI), presented a Voluntary Risk Assessment for copper to the European authorities. After extensive review, including endorsement from the EU’s Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risk (SCHER), this comprehensive dossier was accepted in April 2008.

The dossier covered over 90% of the information necessary to complete the Chemical Safety Report and Hazard Classification requirements for copper under REACH.

ECI member companies also worked on identifying an inventory of intermediates, linked to the production of copper, which also required registration.

Based on these, ECI led the formation of a broad industry Consortium, which held its first General Assembly on February 26th 2008. Since then, the Consortium successfully completed the required Joint Submission dossiers and helped its members meet their November 30th 2010 registration deadlines. Click here for more information.

ECI's Consortium remains open to new members, or to Letter of Access customers. This reduces the cost and effort for all companies to meet their individual legal entity registrations.

 A separate entity has been leading a consortium for copper compounds.

Copper consortium Factsheet

Name Formula EINECS CAS Contact Point
Copper Cu 231-159-6 7440-50-6
Removal cathodes   273-720-8 69012-20-0
Spent anodes   273-719-2 69012-19-7
Cu blister   n.a. n.a.
Cu anode   n.a. n.a.
Cu matte   266-967-8 67711-91-5
Cu-Pb matte   305-422-1 94551-74-3
White Cu matte   n.a. n.a.
Cu cement   266-96'-1 67711-88-0
Black Cu   n.a. n.a.
Slimes & Sludges from Cu production   266-972-5 67711-95-9
Slimes & Sludges from Cu production   305-433-1 94551-87-8
Slimes & Sludges from Cu production   310-062-3 102110-61-2
Slimes & Sludges from Cu production   295-859-3 92129-57-2
Slimes & Sludges from Cu production   273-717-1 69012-17-5
Slimes & Sludges from Cu production   309-772-6 100995-81-1
Speiss Cu   273-836-9 69029-97-6
Cu slags Slags not used in construction works 266-968-3 67711-92-6
Cu slags Slags not used in construction works 266-969-9 67711-93-7
Cu slags Slags not used in construction works 266-970-4 67711-94-8
Cu slags Slags not used in construction works 273-718-7 69012-18-6
Cu slags - product Slags sold for construction works n.a. n.a.
Cu slags, fabricators   273-744-9 69012-45-9
Flue dusts   266-966-2 67711-90-4
Flue dusts   302-676-5 94114-41-7
Flue dusts   12310-069 102110-62-3
Spent electrolyte demetalized   273-716-6 69012-16-4
Electrolyte, Black acid, White acid   273-752-2 69012-54-0
Weak acid   n.a. n.a.
Copper Compounds   various various  

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