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Magnesium [Mg]

In summer 2007, a small group of companies established a Consortium for the registration of Magnesium (name of the Consortium: "MaREC"). The next Assembly meeting is scheduled for 25 September in Frankfurt/Main (Germany). Interested companies are invited to participate.

The relevant contact point for persons and companies interested in the Magnesium Consortium is Dr. Georg Reif (

Moreover, the registration of some Mg-containing minerals is organized by Euromines. Further information on the Euromines Activities can also be found under the link "Other".

Magnesium consortium factsheet

Name Formula EINECS CAS Contact Point
Magnesium Mg 231-104-6 7439-95-4
Magnesite MgCO3 208-915-9 546-93-0
Magnesium Oxide MgO 215-171-9 1309-48-4
Magnesite (calcinated) MgCO3 281-193-0 83897-85-2

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