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Selenium [Se]

In 2006 the Selenium-Tellurium Development Association (STDA) established a working group on REACH-related matters. Based on this working group the REACH Selenium & Tellurium Consortium was formed in 2008 with the aim to register selenium and tellurium compounds jointly.  

Consortia Management GmbH has been appointed as secretariat and trustee by the Consortium as of April 2020.

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Selenium/Tellurium Consortia Fact Sheet

Name Formula EINECS CAS Contact Point
Selenium Se 231-957-4 7782-49-2
Selenious acid H2SeO3 231-974-7 7783-00-8
Sodium selenite Na2SeO3 233-267-9 10102-18-8
Barium selenite BaSeO3 237-280-0 13718-59-7
Zinc Selenite ZnSeO3 237-048-9 13597-46-1
Sodium selenate Na2SeO4 236-501-8 13410-01-0
Selenium dioxide SeO2 231-194-7 7446-08-4

Last page update: 8 August 2022