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Euromines organizes the Consortium formation for some major magnesium-related substances in the minerals industry. Moreover, the International Association for Calcium Carbide is taking the lead on the registration of Calcium Carbide and the European Carbon & Graphite Association is supporting the Graphite industry in preparing for compliance with REACH.

Additional information on the REACH related activities in the minerals and mining industry can be found under

The contact point for Euromines, IACC and ECGA is Johannes Drielsma (

Name Formula EINECS CAS Contact Point
Magnesite MgCO3 208-915-9 546-93-0
Magnesite (calcinated) MgCO3 281-193-0 83897-85-2
Magnesium Oxide MgO 215-171-9 1309-48-4
Calcium Carbide CaC2 200-848-3 75-20-7
Graphite C 231-955-3 7782-42-5

Last page update: 1 October 2018