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Indium [In]

The registration of In is lead by IZA-Europe, taking care of the organization and Secretariat function of the Zn, the Cd and the In Consortia. The In Consortium was launched on 1 January 2011.

Further information is available upon request from the IZA Secretariat (Christian Canoo,

Indium consortium fact sheet

Name Formula EINECS CAS Contact Point
Indium In 231-180-0 7440-74-6
Indium oxyde In2O3 215-193-9 1312-43-2
Indium trichloride InCl3 233-043-0 10025-82-8
Indium hydroxyde In(OH)3 243-947-7 20661-21-6
Indium nitrate HNO3.1/3ln 237-393-5 13770-61-1
Indium cake   273-794-1 69029-48-7

Last page update: 27 February 2019